Bridal Equipment Rentals In Alexandria, VA

To help you set the stage for your special day we carry several items to create the look you desire at your reception or your wedding ceremony. At your reception we carry specialized seating for the bride and groom, columns and mirror balls for ambiance, registry stands and easels to display special items. For the wedding itself we have arches and columns to frame the bride and groom at the ceremony and kneeling benches to use in the ceremony. We also offer pipe and drape in black and white fabric.

Bridal Equipment
ITEM Throne Chair, Red/Gold Wicker Fanback Chair, White Kneeling benches(pair) Guest Registry Stand, Brass
1 DAY $125.00 $50.00 $28.00 $44.00
ITEM Arch, White Lattice (87"H,4'W,26"D) Mirror Ball – 16″ w/pin lights
1 DAY $44.00 $35.00
ITEM Column, Grecian, White – 32″(Left) Column, Grecian, White – 40″(Middle) Column, Grecian, White – 72″(Right)
1 DAY $22.00 $22.00 $44.00
STYLE Easle, Black – Tripod, 6' Easel, Gold – Tripod, 6' Easle, Grey – Tripod, 6'
1 DAY $13.00 $13.00 $13.00