Reviews of ANA Rental Station of Alexandria, VA

5.0 star rating – 12/16/2015

I rented a 10×10 EZ-popup canopy and a side wall from A&A rentals for a vendor event. I called them to make sure they had the canopy in stock and the super polite and helpful woman on the phone told me they did and they would put me down for it.

When I went to pick it up, the gentlemen working insisted they take it outside and show me how to put it up and take it down to make sure I wouldn’t have any problems. They realized while putting it up that one of the pieces was detached so they immediately grabbed me a new canopy and put that one up too. They even walked it to my car and put it in after I told them it wasn’t necessary. Talk about customer service!!!

When I brought back the canopy I had hit traffic, so I called the shop letting them know my GPS had me arriving five minutes after they were supposed to close. The woman on the phone told me they’d stay open for me for those five minutes–SO nice of them (most shops would say no can do and slap you with a late fee). After I had made it, one of the gentlemen who helped me at pick-up was right there to take it out of my car. Checking in the tent was a quick and easy breeze.

If you want stellar customer service and great rental products, definitely stop by this family-owned business. I’ll be using them again!

Alissa, C – Arlington, VA

5.0 star rating – 8/13/2015

My 9-year-old son is a big fan of the TV show “Diggers” and has been wanting to go on a treasure hunt. I emailed A & A about renting a metal detector and received detailed information the same day. There were a few people in line when I went in on Sunday morning to pick up the item, but I was served fairly quickly. I received a $10 discount by mentioning the coupon the company website offers to first-time renters.

The price quoted in the company email was slightly higher than what I remembered seeing on the website, which was no big deal. When I returned the metal detector later that day, I told the clerk that we had uncovered a 1950s era die-cast cap gun. She smiled and said that we were having a lucky day because she had discovered the rental price quote was wrong and proceeded to credit my card on her own initiative.

I’d never used a metal detector before and was a little intimidated, but instructions were clearly written on the invoice. A staffer also showed me how to use it.

Overall, we had a positive experience and will consider A & A for future rental needs.

Janet H. – Alexandria, VA

5.0 star rating 7/21/2015

I was partial to A&A because my dad used to work there in the 80s and I always saw the great customer service and heard all of the positive feedback from the customers. Even years later, 2012-2013, we chose to use them for a couple of our big family events and just like all those years ago, the customer service was amazing, the price was unbeatable and the turn-around time to get everything ready was just unbelievable. I recommend them to anyone and everyone who needs tools or party supplies!!!

Morgan W. – Stafford, VA Yelp


We hosted an engagement party and used A&A Rental to order chairs and tables for folks to sit at and for the drinks to be setup on. The pricing was great- make sure to mention that you are a first time renter to get the $10 off coupon from the website.

The customer service was great when ordering the tables. The guy who came out to deliver the tables was VERY nice and set everything up where we needed it without hesitation. When he picked them up on Monday he said to just set the tables and the chairs outside the fence and it wouldn’t be an issue that no one was there when he arrived.

Really great experience working with these folks for our party– I would gladly use them again in the future!

Lauren R. – Alexandria, VA Yelp

5.0 star rating 5/13/2014

I needed a belt sander for a DIY project. The folks at A&A were great. Very helpful in getting me set up and showing me the operation of the tool. The vacuum on the sander stopped working halfway through my project. I brought it in, they cleaned it up, and I was back in business.

I’m glad I gave them a shot. Going to be using them for all my tool rentals for future home improvement projects. Five star service.

Matt B. – Alexandria, VA Yelp

5.0 star rating – 2/23/13

Excellent customer service… Would certainly use again and highly recommend. Companies of this caliber are few and far between. All staff was very professional and pleasant. Never posted on Yelp before but feel only negative postings are typically available and excellent customer service deserves recognition.

– Jean L. on Yelp

Very well run store. The people who waited on us were friendly and very helpful. I was impressed with the service.

– T.L. on Google+