Chafer Rentals in Alexandria, VA

When you are serving food to a large or small group it is important to keep the food hot. We have several different options for you. You can use either chrome or silver chafers that run on sterno (canned fuel). We have some electric options available as well. If you have questions please give us a call and we can go over what we carry so you can pick the right item to rent for your party.

Chafers Rate
3-Quart Chafer, Silver $22
5-Quart Chafer, Camelot (round) $20

5-Quart Chafer, Chrome $20
8-Quart Chafer, Silver $55
14-Quart Chafer, Chrome Lafayette $23
Heat Lamp w/Pan $24
Insulated Food Carrier $33
HotBox, Cres Cor, Electric $150
Sheet Pan, 18″x26 $2.50
Warming Shelf, 18″x36″ Electric $55

**Please feel free to visit our store to see these items on display in our show room.**