Chair Rentals in Alexandria, VA

A&A is your source for the best selection of chair rentals in Alexandria, NOVA and the Washington DC metro area. We offer a wide selection of seating products (table rentals too) to meet your party planning needs. From plastic chairs for a backyard BBQ to a luxury padded seats for your weddings or other more formal affairs. We also carry specialty chairs for weddings and baby showers.

Delivery service is available on all rentals. We’ll bring the items neatly stacked and organized. And if you don’t have the time or patience or manpower to do all the setup yourself, you can also hire us to take that task off your hands so you can focus on guest arrivals and other tasks.

Plastic, Brown $1.75
Plastic, Black $1.75
Plastic, White/Silver $2.00
Padded, White Garden $4.50

Padded, Black/Black $6.00
Stack, Children Chair Multi Color $2.25
Throne Chair, Red/Gold $75.00
Wicker Fanback Chair, White $50.00

Chiavari Chair, Silver $8.00
Chair Cover(Only), White $3.00
Chair Sash(Only), White $2.00

Charges do not include set-up or delivery fee. They must be restacked prior to pick-up, or a labor charge will be assessed. Set-up can only be arranged prior to delivery. There is a set-up charge of $1.25 per chair along with the delivery fee. Delivery fee depends on event address.