Dance Floors Rentals In Alexandria, VA

A&A Rental Station your go-to source for dance floor rentals in the Alexandria, NOVA, and the Washington DC metro area. You and your guests can dance the night away with our dance flooring. These dance floors are the perfect addition to liven up your next party, wedding reception, concert, or festival. No matter what type of event you’re hosting, we have what you need to make it a success.

Delivery service is available for all rentals. Delivery charges are based on the location of your event and installation charges do apply.

Dance Floor (parquet) Rate
12’x12′ Dance Floor (Capacity – 36) $228
15’x12′ Dance Floor (Capacity – 45) $285
15’x16′ Dance Floor (Capacity – 58) $380
16’x18′ Dance Floor (Capacity – 66) $456
15’x20′ Dance Floor (Capacity – 75) $475
18’x20′ Dance Floor (Capacity – 84) $570

Installation charges apply and Delivery charges are based on the location of your event.
Tip#1: Only 40-50% of the guests at a party dance at a given time, varying with the age group of your guests.

Staging Rate
4′x6′ Section, 8″ high $45
4′x6′ Section, 16″ high $45
4′x6′ Section, 24″ high $45
Steps $50
Skirting, 10′ Section (Black) $12