Rentals of Heaters, Fans & Dehumidifiers In Alexandria, VA

A&A is your go-to source for heater, fan, and dehumidifier rentals in the Alexandria, NOVA, and the Washington DC metro area.

One of the most important things to do when an area gets flooded is to immediately start the process of removing all water from the area as fast as possible. The first step in the process is to remove standing water with pumps and vaccumns. Note: If you’re looking for assistance getting the flood waters out in the first place, we also offer water pump rentals.

Drying out the damp surfaces and pulling the water out of anything that got flooded is the 2nd step in the process. If it is not done within within a day or so then mildew and mold can start growing in the area. Our carpet drying fans are the perfect tool to help you speed up the drying process of any floor that’s been flooded. This type of dryer can also be aimed at at a wall to help dry those out as well. We also offer a selection of heavy-duty industrial dehumidifiers that will efficiently eliminate water from the air in any space. These are very easy for both a homeowner as well as a contractor to use.

If you need a heater we have a wide selection of area heaters that will keep you warm. No matter how big the task, we have the tools you need to get the job done.

Delivery service is available for all rentals.

Heaters, Fans & Dehumidifiers Day Week
Dehumidifier – Industrial $61 $211
This industrial dehumidifer (Drizair 1200) removes 64 pints of moisture per day under AHAM conditions (80 degrees F, 60% relative humidity). Weight: 91 lbs, Height: 34″, Length: 18″, Width: 20″
Dehumidifier – Revolution $82 $248
The Revolution removes 80 pints of moisture per day under AHAM conditions (80 degrees F, 60% relative humidity) and 139 pints per day in near saturated conditions. Weight: 65 lbs, Height: 18″, Width: 12″, Depth: 22″
Fan, 30″ Pedestal $31 $93
Fan, 36″ Drum – Air Circulator $50 $150
Fan, Turbo $31 $93
Heater, Party/Patio (Propane) $92 $220
Heater Collapsible, Party/Patio (Propane) $105 $220
Heater, Tent (Propane) $110 $220