Rentals of Heaters, Fans & Dehumidifiers In Alexandria, VA

A&A is your go-to source for heater, fan, and dehumidifier rentals in the Alexandria, NOVA, and the Washington DC metro area. Our carpet drying fans are the perfect tool to help you speed up the drying process of any floor that’s been flooded. We also offer a selection of industrial dehumidifiers that will efficiently eliminate water from the air in any space. Our wide selection of area heaters will keep you warm while you tackle your project and help prevent any liquids from freezing over. No matter how big the task, we have the tools you need to get the job done.

Note: If you’re looking for assistance getting the flood waters out in the first place, we also offer water pump rentals.

Delivery service is available for all rentals. These items are delivered wrapped and ready to use. They must be returned clean and in original condition. There will be an additional charge for any missing, damaged, or dirty components.

Heaters, Fans & Dehumidifiers Day Week 4-Week
Dehumidifier – Industrial $55 $192 $385
Dehumidifier – Revolution $65 $225 $455
Fan, Large Pedestal $31 $93 $194
Fan, Turbo $31 $93 $194
Heater, Party/Patio (Propane) $70 $200 $300
Heater, Tent (Propane) $70 $200 $400
Heater, 70,000 BTU –Diesel (Salamander) $25 $100 $175
Heater, 58,000 BTU –Diesel (Infrared) $50 $200 $350