Saw Rentals In Alexandria, VA

A&A Rental Station in Alexandria, VA, has provided exceptional customer service and quality rental items for customers in the area for over 40 years. For home repair and yard cleanup jobs, we provide a variety of saw rentals from jig saws to mitre saws to chainsaws to meet your needs.

If you’re like many homeowners, you often want to tackle home improvement projects yourself. If you are a contractor, you might need an extra tool for your jobs. For many of these projects, tools such as saws are a must have. Because you may use a large saw once or twice a year, or for one specific project, you might need more than one. It often doesn’t make sense to buy.

Renting is more cost-effective than buying when you aren’t planning to use the large saw on a regular basis. Also, you won’t have to find a place to store the large piece of equipment. At A&A Rental Station, we maintain our equipment so you don’t have to, and our saws are in top condition. We sell a variety of saw blades for all our saws, so we have you covered.

We offer the following types of saws available for rent:

Saws Deposit Min. Day Week 4-Week
Chainsaw, Treepole 7′-11′ $100 $80 $280 $560
Chainsaw, 16″ Electric $100 $55 $192.50 $385
Chainsaw, 16″ Gas $100 $82 $287 $574
Chainsaw, 25″ Gas $200 $95 $300 $587
Circular Saw, 7-1/4″ $75 $15 $41 $82
Cut-Off Saw, 14″ Electric $200 $45 $69 $190 $380
Cut-Off Saw, 14″ Gas $200 $55 $75 $225 $450

Cut-Off Saw see details below.

Saws Deposit Min. Day Week 4-Week
Door Jam Saw 75 30 70 180
Jig Saw $75 $18 $42 $64
Mitre Saw, 12″ Compound $100 $50 $150 $300
Reciprocating Saw (Sawzall) $75 $15 $22 $60 $120
Tub Saw, 10″ (Wet Saw) – 10″ $200 $55 $84 $231 $462
Tub Saw, 7″ Tile (Wet Saw) $38 $50 $175 $325

Tub Saw see details below.
Tub saw rental includes, stand & diamond tile blade.
Cut-Off Saw rental does not include blade; Blade rental (min. $50) or Blade purchase ($120-$185)
We sell a wide variety of blades for all of our saws.

If you have questions about the types of equipment we offer, we will be happy to answer them. Call or stop by our shop today.